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Sushmita Sen's Upcoming Web Series 'Aarya' Review

Watching Aarya is entertaining and reminds you of the classic phrase, ‘One a family always a family’. From the outside, Susmita sen’s character Aarya Sareen, a supremely fit, stunning mother of three children, she has everything a lady wishes for, a loving husband, luxe life, no problems other than to choose the outfit of the day from an elite wardrobe. There are nine episodes in the web series, co-created by Ram Madhvani and Sandeep Modi and co-written by Sandeep Srivastava and Anu Singh Choudhary. Based on the Spanish series Penoza, Aarya takes us to the story of a woman who is reached up into the commanding seat of her profound family business. After initial disinclination, she takes charge, growing in confidence and pride, facing down one challenge after another. ‘Afeem se dawaai banti hai, aur heroin bhi’ is the saying the family lives by How do you react when you came to know that your near and dear ones, people whom you thought had your back, turn out to be snakes? Wh
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Galactus Theory | How Galactus is related to Thanos

By the end of Phase 3 of the MCU brought it to the end of most prominent Comics villain Thanos to date. And now, fan theories are popping that most notorious Marvel Comics the biggest character Galactus is still to appear on the big screen to make his grand appearance. Thanos’s death and the defeat of his army led to victory for Earth and its mightiest heroes. With the Mad self-proclaimed savior defeated, however, it’s only a matter of time before another threat comes along to destroy the life as we know it in the MCU. And while there’s already speculation rumbling regarding evildoers from Green Goblin to Kang the Conqueror—some of the foremost prominent theories need to do with Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds himself. As with previous Phases of the MCU, the people at Marvel Studios are tight-lipped about what fans can expect from Phase 4. It’s already been well established that Guardians Vol. 3 is forthcoming with a possible 2022 release. Not to mention, with The Eterna

Conjuring Universe Timeline explanation and What's next for Conjuring

The Conjuring franchise has proven its ability to create a universe, around which several character and demonic Stories can be established. After the premiere of ‘The Nun’, Fans have been speculating whether this is the end of the Conjuring series. We the team believe that there must be a sequel to The Nun why? We will be discussing here. They have not explained the origin of valak. We need to know more about it. There must be a reason why Valak was a nun and hunting, other nuns. To speculate about the conjuring universe is delivering next we need to understand the complete conjuring timeline. From Nun to Ed and Lorraine warren conjuring 2, the timeline crawl through several historic events and ages which led to the next demonic activity. Strangely Conjuring movie franchises move backward with every movie release. Let's understand it with below flow charts. THE NUN (DARK AGES – 1952) The Conjuring Universe is deep-rooted way back to the D

Release date of the heirs season 2

‘The Heirs’ also called as ‘The Inheritors’, is a South Korean romantic drama, set against the context of an elite high school. Written by Kim Eun-sook, it aired on the SBS channel from October 9, 2013, to December 12, 2013. Main Character Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan Jung Chan Woo as Young Kim Tan Jeon Jin Seo as Child Kim Tan Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang Kim Woo Bin as Choi Yeong Do Yang Hyun Mo as Young Choi Yeong Do Guest Character Park Woo Cheon as Kim Tan's cousin Lee Min Hyuk as Himself (Ep. 4) N as Himself (Ep. 4) Ken as Himself (Ep. 4) Hong Bin as Himself (Ep. 4) Lee Chang Sub as Himself (Ep. 4) Yook Sung Jae as Himself (Ep. 4) Jung Il Hoon as Himself (Ep. 4) Seo Eun Kwang as Himself (Ep. 4) Leo as Himself (Ep. 4) Hyuk as Himself (Ep. 4) Kim Hee Chul as Himself (Ep. 4) Ravi as Himself (Ep. 4) Hwang Young Hee as Jeguk High School Teacher Wang Ji Won as Yang Da Kyung, Kim Won's arranged date Jung Joo Hee as an announcer Park